Thursday, April 5, 2018

Economic Jiu Jitsu: Superclustering from Idea to Invoice

There has been quite a few articles on the federal superclusters initiative, some lamenting and some fawning over the spend and span of the program. Today's Globe has a good piece on the potential.

In Beyond ‘the next Silicon Valley’: Why many kinds of economic superclusters matter, authors Scott Stern and Richard Florizone articulate an important premise: rather than simply trying to "be the next Silicon Valley...research shows that clusters prosper by building on existing advantages."  This belies a flexible approach to market forces and using these to our advantage. We win in the global market by going with the flow and leveraging strengths - regional, national - magnifying these as a means of  finding ways to amplify what exists to our advantage. This is the #pivoteconomy.
A Capacity and Contribution Logic Model incorporating TRLs and Frascati research definitions

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